Things to consider

TeachingI hope these few words can help…

On this page I will build up a list of things to consider before you embark on a PGCE and also things that may affect you during the busy year!

Things like:

financeFunding – Consider the fact that Primary trainees receive only a £4k bursary and Secondary trainees receive more, dependant on their specialist subject.  Additional support may be available through a university (hardship funds etc) but it would be very difficult to maintain a job during the term times.

TimeTime – A huge commitment!  What more can I say?  It is a full time course but it has the added need for lesson plans, after school clubs, residential placements (dependant on course criteria) and time needed to carry out TDA skills tests over weekends or evenings.  Just remember time management skills are essential and the need for understanding family and friends.

LessonPlansSupport from family and friends – Essential!  It can be hard on a relationship, keep commitments with friends, but ofcourse a work life and social life balance is also key for your own sanity!  Do not forget of those important to you and ensure you keep some time for friends, so you can at least switch off for a short time.  It works both ways I think for a PGCE to work!

more to come…


3 responses to this post.

  1. Hi,

    I’m hoping you can help me, my application is currently with the Somerset SCITT for entry this coming September, and I am desperately hoping to get a place! I was just wondering if you could give me an idea about what to expect on the interview day? I want to be as prepared as possible so I do not miss out on this opportunity. I am sure you are very busy but it would be greatly appreciated if you could find the time to reply, either on here or straight to my email.

    Thank you!


  2. Hi,

    I’m really enjoying reading through your blog at the moment! It’s great to read about other peoples experience with the PGCE and see so many people adding comments and creating discussion. I start my PGCE at ARU (Peterborough) in September and your Blog and advice have come in really handy and are much appreciated. I guess the PGCE itself is almost over for you now, but good luck with the next stage of becomming an outstanding teacher!


  3. Hi great blog, very interesting reading. I am currently travelling and have written a blog for the kids at my school, If you’re interested take a look 🙂


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