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The job arrived!

It was worth the wait. Last Wednesday I had a long day at an interview but the final result was me striking lucky and landing a great job teaching my own Year 3/4 class from September. The school is in Somerset and I have already been made to feel very welcome and part of the team. I have a chance to meet my new class on July 7th during the school’s transfer day. The wait has been entirely worth it because I firmly believe you just know when it feels like the right school and here I feel supported.

I wish all the other job hunters all the luck! Roll on September when Mr Stepney begins his teaching career.


Placement 3

I cannot believe it has been almost a month since I last posted on this blog. I apologise to my readers! I have been updating Twitter regularly, so you can always follow me on there @primarypgce.

So I have started my 3rd and final placement! Year 5 class of 29 and a fantastic class they are. I have been made to feel very welcome and of course, very busy. Lectures finished before half term, so that signalled the end of the Somerset SCITT module learning and it is down to the last 6 weeks of placement before I am awarded my PGCE and NQT status. The time has flown by since September and a lot of learning has taken place. So for all those people who are about to embark on the PGCE next term, I wish you luck because it is great fun but also extremely exhausting. I will post again very soon about job updates, lesson ideas and the final countdown!

P.S. I had forgotten how fun Sports Day in school used to be. Had it this week and I was made to do the obstacle course, in front of all the parents, as an initiation test! What a laugh!

The interview

Well it is coming to the time when interviews for jobs start appearing and on our PGCE we have mock interviews organised to brush up on the necessary skills! The interviews are with genuine Head Teachers, so it does have a certain ring to it about being important. I want to get a job for this September! I know we in competition with the other 30,000 odd new teachers entering the profession, so how can I make myself outstanding and special?! Please send me your tips by adding a comment. I will keep you all posted on how it goes!

It’s a busy life being a teacher!

First of all I must apologise for not updating the blog more regularly. As I am sure teachers understand and a word of warning for those looking to start a PGCE; it is an incredibly busy time when you hit the placements!

I cannot remember if I am 3 or 4 weeks in now but I am certainly enjoying the experience and I am learning from every lesson (good and bad). I feel very fortunate to have a teacher who is supportive and full of wise words and they are certainly keeping me on my toes with adapting lesson plans, in preparation for the next one!

I only have two weeks left now, so am heading into the busiest period! It is 10pm in the evening and I have been doing lesson evaluations and plans for next week! Christmas Fayre tomorrow at school so that will be good fun! Christmas in school is a great experience!

Where does the time go?

Lesson PlansSorry my blog has not been updated for over a week. With placements now kicking into full swing, I had lost track of writing.

Had a very valuable experience spending 4 days in a Special School last week and this week I have begun full time in my mainstream primary! Read more….

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Placement reality!

HappyToday was the big day for SCITT students in Somerset!  We all found out our three placements for the coming 9 months.  Phew, it is a relief to have it all sorted now and be able to focus, start researching the skills and know our efforts are going to be put into practice… Continue reading

1st reflection… day one

What kind of teacher are you?The anticipation grew, the nerves began to kick in, the butterflies started to appear, and then the moment came when we each began our training adventure towards becoming and ‘oustanding teacher’… Continue reading