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A week of Numeracy

This first week back in class since the half term break has seen all of us (SCITT students) working closely with 3 children each. We have been lucky enough to be invited into a local school to help with some of their Year 3 children that have missed out on some of the basic numeracy skills:
Number Bonds to 10 and 20,
Placement Value,
Number Lines.

I will post up a written report here soon but one of the biggest learning outcomes for myself was that it is such a difficult job for teacers to focus on a large class of 30 children and ensure they all ahve the basic skills. If these basic skills are missed then it will affect their learning for the rest of their school lives. It is essential to help these children and bridge those gaps!

More to come soon…


Yes, yes, yes

It is the end of half term and from tomorrow it is all school placements, right through till Christmas! I have 4 days, starting tomorrow, in a Special School and then full time in my first primary school for 6 weeks. V exciting!!!

Other good news is I had my TDA Skills Tests today. ICT, Literature and Numeracy were all passed at first attempt! Woo hoo!