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Easter already… time flies.

Well it is already half way through the term break and Easter has passed me by. The end of my last placement was so busy with lessons and completing my file ready for tutorials that I didn’t get chance to update this blog unfortunately. I apologise. I do try to add updates via Twitter though so please follow me on Twitter @primaryPGCE .
Well there is only 1 more term left and I am now starting to submit job applications in the Somerset area. It is a very competitive area of the country with 170 applicants for a Year 5 teacher just last week. Wish me luck!
So finally in this post, I am writing an essay about the importance of studying the Global DImension in schools and how it can be embraced in a new creative curriculum. What are your thoughts? Do you have a strong following of the Global Dimension in your school already?


Commission for Africa

“The time is ripe for change in Africa. Acting together we have the power to shape history. To do nothing would be terrible. To do something is not enough. To do everything we can is our clear duty.”

As part of our module on the Global Dimension and Enhanced Learning Across the Curriculum, we take a look at the Commission for Africa report and discuss the implications and impact we can have on teaching cross-curriculum subjects. Continue reading