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Half-Term blues

Well half-term is here and it brings the end to our lectures, until January 2010, and the start of placements on the 4th November! Everyone is very excited about starting in the classrooms and building up to early assessments and observations!  Until then we all have essays to write and hand in before 2nd November….. arghh!

I have my QTS tests on Tuesday 3rd November, so will let you know how I get on with those.


Have a break from that study – RELAX!

Here is a video which has no relevance to any PGCE, essay or audit.  I have added this video for you to give yourself a 10 minute break from having your head in a book, staring at the computer screen or typing in numbers on a calculator.  If you need to rest for just a short time, why not relieve the stress by clicking this video and laugh out loud!