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An exhausting experience!

Who ever said that working in schools was going to be easy? Placement 2 has been hard work and it has taken its toll on my health as I managed to catch a virus and be knocked out for 5 days. A whole week is a long time to miss out on but I have still managed to clock up the hours and pass my assessment. I have found Year 1 a challenge but it is one that I was have embraced more and more each week!

I am also busy now completing all the job applications I can for the local area and so far it is a dead end. The thing to remember is: Keep positive, keep going and don’t take no for an answer!


A few science tricks to show the class!

Killing Creativity

First day back at lectures today and we were provided this interesting resource and video to watch and discuss. It is a TED lecture from Sir Ken Robinson about how he believes education has killed creativity for our children. On the positive side it is something, we as new teachers, can rekindle and encourage children to embrace for the next 30 years! Watch the video and see how you feel about it.Sir Ken Robinson on TED

2010 is the year!

Well here we are readers. A brand new year and the final run towards becoming a qualified primary teacher! I finished at my first placement back on the 18th December and then decided to switch off for a week and take time out from the stress of teaching! The run up to Christmas was fantastic in the school and I cannot thank them enough for making me feel part of the staff.

I have spent this week writing another essay, ready to hand in on Jan 8th and also finishing up some Key Tasks. Lectures kick off again from Tuesday 5th for 6 weeks before I start at school number two!

Let me know how you are getting on with your own PGCE or ask me a question if you have any!

It is going to be an exciting year!

I feel like I’m acting

Inside I feel like I am acting! This week I have been teaching the whole class of my year 6 group in literacy and science and after each lesson I have had a real buzz. I thought to myself “Where have I felt this before, this adrenaline rush?” The answer is in my 20 years of acting on stage! I have been acting in plays, musicals and pantomimes since I was 8 years old and I had the same buzz this week as I get when I step out onto that stage. People told me, before I started teaching, it was just like being in front of an audience, and now I can happily say “I agree!” Brilliant.

Quick plug… I do run a theatre company with a friend of mine and we have been busy for about 5 years, however we are now on a break so I can concentrate on my course. Take a look at our website at the following address or type into Google “Creaky Coach Theatre”.

Where does the time go?

Lesson PlansSorry my blog has not been updated for over a week. With placements now kicking into full swing, I had lost track of writing.

Had a very valuable experience spending 4 days in a Special School last week and this week I have begun full time in my mainstream primary! Read more….

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Half-Term blues

Well half-term is here and it brings the end to our lectures, until January 2010, and the start of placements on the 4th November! Everyone is very excited about starting in the classrooms and building up to early assessments and observations! ¬†Until then we all have essays to write and hand in before 2nd November….. arghh!

I have my QTS tests on Tuesday 3rd November, so will let you know how I get on with those.