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I feel like I’m acting

Inside I feel like I am acting! This week I have been teaching the whole class of my year 6 group in literacy and science and after each lesson I have had a real buzz. I thought to myself “Where have I felt this before, this adrenaline rush?” The answer is in my 20 years of acting on stage! I have been acting in plays, musicals and pantomimes since I was 8 years old and I had the same buzz this week as I get when I step out onto that stage. People told me, before I started teaching, it was just like being in front of an audience, and now I can happily say “I agree!” Brilliant.

Quick plug… I do run a theatre company with a friend of mine and we have been busy for about 5 years, however we are now on a break so I can concentrate on my course. Take a look at our website at the following address or type into Google “Creaky Coach Theatre”.