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I did it my way! Bye for now.

I apologise for the lack of posts. I put it down to being in mourning. I am mourning the fact the PGCE course is over, the friends that have been made are now going separate ways and school term begins in just 4 weeks. I am nervous about starting in September with my own class. Do I feel ready? Has the course provided me with the confidence and skills to survive the teaching world? I felt confident at the end of placement 3 but now we are on holidays it feels as if it is all slipping away. I guess the craft of teaching doesn’t go, it is just the familiarity and being in the zone that fades. I cannot wait for the new term really and the challenging but exciting 1st year as an NQT I have ahead of me. One other thing I have to look forward to is my wife is having our first child.. Guess when it is due…. 3rd September. It is going to be one interesting month!

So I am signing off of this website for now as I spend my summer relaxing and also time to think about where to take the site next. Do I start a new one for NQT’s? I feel I should leave this site for those embarking on their PGCE in the future. Tell me what you think I should do and what people might like to read.


Only 2 and a half weeks to go.

Has it really come around that fast? I remember clearly it was this time last year that I had not long had my course place confirmed and now I am graduating as a fully fledged teacher with my own class waiting for me. Phew.

I can tell all you readers that Continue reading

The job arrived!

It was worth the wait. Last Wednesday I had a long day at an interview but the final result was me striking lucky and landing a great job teaching my own Year 3/4 class from September. The school is in Somerset and I have already been made to feel very welcome and part of the team. I have a chance to meet my new class on July 7th during the school’s transfer day. The wait has been entirely worth it because I firmly believe you just know when it feels like the right school and here I feel supported.

I wish all the other job hunters all the luck! Roll on September when Mr Stepney begins his teaching career.

Placement 3

I cannot believe it has been almost a month since I last posted on this blog. I apologise to my readers! I have been updating Twitter regularly, so you can always follow me on there @primarypgce.

So I have started my 3rd and final placement! Year 5 class of 29 and a fantastic class they are. I have been made to feel very welcome and of course, very busy. Lectures finished before half term, so that signalled the end of the Somerset SCITT module learning and it is down to the last 6 weeks of placement before I am awarded my PGCE and NQT status. The time has flown by since September and a lot of learning has taken place. So for all those people who are about to embark on the PGCE next term, I wish you luck because it is great fun but also extremely exhausting. I will post again very soon about job updates, lesson ideas and the final countdown!

P.S. I had forgotten how fun Sports Day in school used to be. Had it this week and I was made to do the obstacle course, in front of all the parents, as an initiation test! What a laugh!

Job apps and interviews

It is that time of year and for every PGCE trainee it is a nervous time because now we all need to find jobs and earn our NQT status. The job application form can seem long but it is also not the most important part. The letter of application (which accompanies the form), is vital because this is where you need to sell yourself to the Head of the school and tell them all the skills you can bring to the job!

I have just started to get interviews now and it was certainly not at the first attempt. Somerset is an area with few jobs and many, many applicants. I have been offered my second interview today and am still waiting to hear the result of my first one. Once I have a job confirmed I will post up my letter of application and any lessons that I have carried out. Feel free to read the letter and perhaps it may help you with ideas for your own!

Don’t be afraid of RE

I want to reassure you that RE is certainly not as daunting as it can seem! I have had this revelation that RE can in fact be fun for the children, informative and essential in increasing their global awareness of different cultures. For two days our PGCE group visited London and spent an afternoon at the historical London Central Mosque in Regents Park. I would recommend this type of visit for any teacher and a class of KS2 children because it can leave a lasting impression and learning can be directly linked to an emotional experience. In RE it is important not to delve to deep into each subject area but make the short engagements memorable, exciting and perhaps relate them with an experience to remember. For example, when the Last Supper is discussed, why not let the class have their own Passover meal to experience the Jewish event.
If you have some further ideas for good RE lessons then please share them here by adding a comment.

Easter already… time flies.

Well it is already half way through the term break and Easter has passed me by. The end of my last placement was so busy with lessons and completing my file ready for tutorials that I didn’t get chance to update this blog unfortunately. I apologise. I do try to add updates via Twitter though so please follow me on Twitter @primaryPGCE .
Well there is only 1 more term left and I am now starting to submit job applications in the Somerset area. It is a very competitive area of the country with 170 applicants for a Year 5 teacher just last week. Wish me luck!
So finally in this post, I am writing an essay about the importance of studying the Global DImension in schools and how it can be embraced in a new creative curriculum. What are your thoughts? Do you have a strong following of the Global Dimension in your school already?