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Job apps and interviews

It is that time of year and for every PGCE trainee it is a nervous time because now we all need to find jobs and earn our NQT status. The job application form can seem long but it is also not the most important part. The letter of application (which accompanies the form), is vital because this is where you need to sell yourself to the Head of the school and tell them all the skills you can bring to the job!

I have just started to get interviews now and it was certainly not at the first attempt. Somerset is an area with few jobs and many, many applicants. I have been offered my second interview today and am still waiting to hear the result of my first one. Once I have a job confirmed I will post up my letter of application and any lessons that I have carried out. Feel free to read the letter and perhaps it may help you with ideas for your own!


Don’t be afraid of RE

I want to reassure you that RE is certainly not as daunting as it can seem! I have had this revelation that RE can in fact be fun for the children, informative and essential in increasing their global awareness of different cultures. For two days our PGCE group visited London and spent an afternoon at the historical London Central Mosque in Regents Park. I would recommend this type of visit for any teacher and a class of KS2 children because it can leave a lasting impression and learning can be directly linked to an emotional experience. In RE it is important not to delve to deep into each subject area but make the short engagements memorable, exciting and perhaps relate them with an experience to remember. For example, when the Last Supper is discussed, why not let the class have their own Passover meal to experience the Jewish event.
If you have some further ideas for good RE lessons then please share them here by adding a comment.

MFL – Essential for being a good citizen!

‘In the knowledge society of the 21st century, language competence and intercultural understanding are not optional extras, they are an essential part of being a citizen.’
Languages for All: Languages for Life – A Strategy for England 2002

Modern Foreign Languages and the new Primary Curriculum 2011.

The new curriculum will be statutory from September 2011 for all age groups with exception of the new languages element, the right for all primary children aged 7 upwards to learn a foreign language, which will be phased in over four years starting in Year 3.

I want to know if your school already covers MFL and to what level? If your school has not yet introduced MFL, how does it hope to go about it? Using NQT’s or training current staff? Continue reading

Teacher acquitted of attempted murder and GBHI

I felt this was an interesting case for all teachers and how it was perceived by the public and judicial system.
Teacher Peter Harvey cleared of attempting to kill boy. A teacher who struck a pupil with a dumbbell has been acquitted of attempted murder and causing grievous bodily harm with intent.
Peter Harvey, 50, hit the 14-year-old with a 3kg (6.6lb) weight at All Saints’ Roman Catholic School, Mansfield, in July 2009, a jury heard.
The boy, who said he could not recall the attack, suffered a fractured skull.
Harvey had returned to work after being signed off with depression and stress for several months.
But the court heard he had been mocked by pupils moments before the attack.
He had denied attempted murder and causing grievous bodily harm with intent, but admitted a charge of causing grievous bodily harm without intent.
The jury at Nottingham Crown Court took less than two hours to clear the father-of-two.

EAL in the classroom

Today we had an excellent lecture from the Somerset education department for EAL (English as an Additional Language). It was interesting to hear about how we, as new teachers, can help any pupil with their learning of English when it is a 2nd language. The resources provided from EMAS are fantastic to! Do you have experience from training with EAL? What is being done on your school?

Here is a tip for resources in EAL –

Mr Picasso Head

Found this resource that could be wonderful for cross-curriculum work of ICT and Art. Check it out online and see my first example on my new 1 Photo a day page!

Killing Creativity

First day back at lectures today and we were provided this interesting resource and video to watch and discuss. It is a TED lecture from Sir Ken Robinson about how he believes education has killed creativity for our children. On the positive side it is something, we as new teachers, can rekindle and encourage children to embrace for the next 30 years! Watch the video and see how you feel about it.Sir Ken Robinson on TED