I did it my way! Bye for now.

I apologise for the lack of posts. I put it down to being in mourning. I am mourning the fact the PGCE course is over, the friends that have been made are now going separate ways and school term begins in just 4 weeks. I am nervous about starting in September with my own class. Do I feel ready? Has the course provided me with the confidence and skills to survive the teaching world? I felt confident at the end of placement 3 but now we are on holidays it feels as if it is all slipping away. I guess the craft of teaching doesn’t go, it is just the familiarity and being in the zone that fades. I cannot wait for the new term really and the challenging but exciting 1st year as an NQT I have ahead of me. One other thing I have to look forward to is my wife is having our first child.. Guess when it is due…. 3rd September. It is going to be one interesting month!

So I am signing off of this website for now as I spend my summer relaxing and also time to think about where to take the site next. Do I start a new one for NQT’s? I feel I should leave this site for those embarking on their PGCE in the future. Tell me what you think I should do and what people might like to read.


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  1. Posted by Aimee on February 13, 2012 at 2:48 pm

    Hello, do you have any Primary PGCE or QTS books for sale? I am due to start my PGCE in sept and came across this blog whilst searching for books!


  2. Hi:) I have just read your farewell thinking I am feeling in a very similar way… I have completed enhancement course and will begin PGCE in September. Never in my life feel so unsure about the future. I also have to admit that the more I read about teaching and educational issues the more I become worried … if I ever will teach my subject effectively enough to satisfy both students and Ofsted inspectors…;)


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