Placement 3

I cannot believe it has been almost a month since I last posted on this blog. I apologise to my readers! I have been updating Twitter regularly, so you can always follow me on there @primarypgce.

So I have started my 3rd and final placement! Year 5 class of 29 and a fantastic class they are. I have been made to feel very welcome and of course, very busy. Lectures finished before half term, so that signalled the end of the Somerset SCITT module learning and it is down to the last 6 weeks of placement before I am awarded my PGCE and NQT status. The time has flown by since September and a lot of learning has taken place. So for all those people who are about to embark on the PGCE next term, I wish you luck because it is great fun but also extremely exhausting. I will post again very soon about job updates, lesson ideas and the final countdown!

P.S. I had forgotten how fun Sports Day in school used to be. Had it this week and I was made to do the obstacle course, in front of all the parents, as an initiation test! What a laugh!


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  1. sounds like things are going great.


  2. Posted by Simon Lewis on June 13, 2010 at 9:59 am

    Well done for getting this far and good luck with your final placement.

    I’m on the Wandsworth SCITT and I have 10 days of my last placement to go. Then its 7 days of lectures (first aid course, how to prepare over the summer etc.) and then I’m done. Really weird to think its almost over,


    • We don’t have a lecture on ‘How to prepare over the summer’. What a great idea to have one! I am going to ask for one. Thanks Simon


      • Posted by Simon Lewis on June 13, 2010 at 11:14 am

        Yeah, I’m looking forward to that one. It is going to feel weird as we get closer to September and have to actually teacher for real. Any thing we can do to prepare will be useful and help to keep the nerves at bay.

        I have had some advice already from other teachers. As soon as you have a class list you can start making name cards, tick lists, display headers (i.e. Golden Rules, Our Class etc.) so you don’t have to spend the first week franticallty making resources.

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