Don’t be afraid of RE

I want to reassure you that RE is certainly not as daunting as it can seem! I have had this revelation that RE can in fact be fun for the children, informative and essential in increasing their global awareness of different cultures. For two days our PGCE group visited London and spent an afternoon at the historical London Central Mosque in Regents Park. I would recommend this type of visit for any teacher and a class of KS2 children because it can leave a lasting impression and learning can be directly linked to an emotional experience. In RE it is important not to delve to deep into each subject area but make the short engagements memorable, exciting and perhaps relate them with an experience to remember. For example, when the Last Supper is discussed, why not let the class have their own Passover meal to experience the Jewish event.
If you have some further ideas for good RE lessons then please share them here by adding a comment.


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