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All change on the Gov front

The Department for Education was formed on 12 May 2010 and is responsible for education and children’s services. So, with our new government and the Rt Hon Michael Gove at the helm what can we expect to change? What are your thoughts on new appointments, SATS, funding and making teaching a Masters only career? Let me know!


Job apps and interviews

It is that time of year and for every PGCE trainee it is a nervous time because now we all need to find jobs and earn our NQT status. The job application form can seem long but it is also not the most important part. The letter of application (which accompanies the form), is vital because this is where you need to sell yourself to the Head of the school and tell them all the skills you can bring to the job!

I have just started to get interviews now and it was certainly not at the first attempt. Somerset is an area with few jobs and many, many applicants. I have been offered my second interview today and am still waiting to hear the result of my first one. Once I have a job confirmed I will post up my letter of application and any lessons that I have carried out. Feel free to read the letter and perhaps it may help you with ideas for your own!

Don’t be afraid of RE

I want to reassure you that RE is certainly not as daunting as it can seem! I have had this revelation that RE can in fact be fun for the children, informative and essential in increasing their global awareness of different cultures. For two days our PGCE group visited London and spent an afternoon at the historical London Central Mosque in Regents Park. I would recommend this type of visit for any teacher and a class of KS2 children because it can leave a lasting impression and learning can be directly linked to an emotional experience. In RE it is important not to delve to deep into each subject area but make the short engagements memorable, exciting and perhaps relate them with an experience to remember. For example, when the Last Supper is discussed, why not let the class have their own Passover meal to experience the Jewish event.
If you have some further ideas for good RE lessons then please share them here by adding a comment.