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I feel like I’m acting

Inside I feel like I am acting! This week I have been teaching the whole class of my year 6 group in literacy and science and after each lesson I have had a real buzz. I thought to myself “Where have I felt this before, this adrenaline rush?” The answer is in my 20 years of acting on stage! I have been acting in plays, musicals and pantomimes since I was 8 years old and I had the same buzz this week as I get when I step out onto that stage. People told me, before I started teaching, it was just like being in front of an audience, and now I can happily say “I agree!” Brilliant.

Quick plug… I do run a theatre company with a friend of mine and we have been busy for about 5 years, however we are now on a break so I can concentrate on my course. Take a look at our website at the following address or type into Google “Creaky Coach Theatre”.


Twitter usage

Twitter @primaryPGCEDo you use Twitter in your school or for personal use? Do you find it a good tool for communication, or a waste of time for people who have to much time? I currently use Twitter to share my PGCE experiences and know of many other teachers and school that use it to share ideas and communicate with educational followers. Let me know your thoughts on Twitter and how it could be used to benefit education! Follow the blog at @primaryPGCE

Page update

financeI have updated the page “Things to consider” for you to have a look at, especially if you are about to apply for a PGCE for next year. Take a look here.

Where does the time go?

Lesson PlansSorry my blog has not been updated for over a week. With placements now kicking into full swing, I had lost track of writing.

Had a very valuable experience spending 4 days in a Special School last week and this week I have begun full time in my mainstream primary! Read more….

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Yes, yes, yes

It is the end of half term and from tomorrow it is all school placements, right through till Christmas! I have 4 days, starting tomorrow, in a Special School and then full time in my first primary school for 6 weeks. V exciting!!!

Other good news is I had my TDA Skills Tests today. ICT, Literature and Numeracy were all passed at first attempt! Woo hoo!