Assessment for Learning

TES ConnectToday was our second lecture on the subject of Assessment for Learning and it proved to be a very interesting day!  I am a firm believer in the pedagogy of peer assessment and self assessment, using techniques like the traffic light system, rich questioning and the opportunity of allowing a child to think, (‘silence is golden’ is what I had been taught on a number of sales courses in the past!).  I had been familiar with the concept before, as I had researched and read on Bloom’s Taxonomy and the likes of Robert Fisher during my degree.  I am now looking forward to beginning in the schools after half term and perhaps see many of the techniques in practice!

To my surprise, when I got home today and checked me emails there was an email from TES Connect and the subject of the entire email was… “Assessment for Learning”.   So I have attached here a Powerpoint presentation from TES that contains over 70 activities linked with AFL.  Assessment For Learning Activities


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