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Half-Term blues

Well half-term is here and it brings the end to our lectures, until January 2010, and the start of placements on the 4th November! Everyone is very excited about starting in the classrooms and building up to early assessments and observations!  Until then we all have essays to write and hand in before 2nd November….. arghh!

I have my QTS tests on Tuesday 3rd November, so will let you know how I get on with those.


Child Protection Policy

Today’s half day in lectures consisted of an interesting session on what we must be aware of as teachers when it comes to the crucial subject of child protection. I had not necessarily considered the procedure a teacher might take, especially when we begin in schools and the fact that a child may confide in us. It was very interesting on signs to look out for with a child and the different forms of abuse that may be taking place. It is also essential to learn immediately, when beginning in any new school, who the protection officer is.
How do you feel about the responsibility and procedures in your school?

Assessment for Learning

TES ConnectToday was our second lecture on the subject of Assessment for Learning and it proved to be a very interesting day!  I am a firm believer in the pedagogy of peer assessment and self assessment, using techniques like the traffic light system, rich questioning and the opportunity of allowing a child to think, (‘silence is golden’ is what I had been taught on a number of sales courses in the past!).  I had been familiar with the concept Continue reading

Placement reality!

HappyToday was the big day for SCITT students in Somerset!  We all found out our three placements for the coming 9 months.  Phew, it is a relief to have it all sorted now and be able to focus, start researching the skills and know our efforts are going to be put into practice… Continue reading

Have a break from that study – RELAX!

Here is a video which has no relevance to any PGCE, essay or audit.  I have added this video for you to give yourself a 10 minute break from having your head in a book, staring at the computer screen or typing in numbers on a calculator.  If you need to rest for just a short time, why not relieve the stress by clicking this video and laugh out loud!

Science audit

Science auditJust attempted my science audit for the course.  This was our internal one and not the QTS but it was still tricky and certainly made me realise there is still a lot to learn.  We cannot be expected to know everything on each subject but with a mark of 70%, I need to brush up quickly!! Arghhh!  How did you get on with your audits?  Come on……share!

Simple Mathematics

I am doing my Mathematics audit and just needed the simple things confirmed, so I have added some details here and also some new links on the Blogroll… Continue reading