1st reflection… day one

What kind of teacher are you?The anticipation grew, the nerves began to kick in, the butterflies started to appear, and then the moment came when we each began our training adventure towards becoming and ‘oustanding teacher’…First day, first morning and it was induction time!  The adrenaline was pumping once I arrived at Cannington and it was good to finally meet and greet fellow PGCE students.  A group of 25 are on my Primary course, with an additional 19 on the Early Years course.  I felt I could not stop shaking with excitement, despite holding a coffee in my hand to calm the nerves.  I was sure everyone else felt the same way as there was that feeling of apprehension in the air!

To be expected, the first day consisted of introductions from the tutors, finding out about the upcoming 6 modules and of course the other students “where are you from” and “what did you do before here?”.  An interesting piece of work we did do was to discuss what we felt were the attributes and characteristics of an outstanding teacher.  Here is the list I created and hope I possess!









A good listener.

What others would you add? Let me know by leaving a comment.

Here is a link to a good video from Teachers TV about “What Kind Of Teacher Will You Be?

I did enjoy today, the tutors are nice and the rapport with other students in the class is already starting to build which is exciting!


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  1. Posted by Korin on September 3, 2009 at 11:47 am

    Glad it has started well. I enjoyed watching the video (or parts of it!).
    Not only have I just started in this new job witht eh school of Ed I also just dropped my 4 year old daughter off for her first day of school. I also volunteer as a school governor for another local school. So I am learning lots about school education from different angles.
    I’m finding it so reassuring to learn how passionate everyone is about the need for excellent initial teacher education – it is clear to me that my colleagues take their responsibilities very seriously.
    Good luck for week two.


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