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Commission for Africa

“The time is ripe for change in Africa. Acting together we have the power to shape history. To do nothing would be terrible. To do something is not enough. To do everything we can is our clear duty.”

As part of our module on the Global Dimension and Enhanced Learning Across the Curriculum, we take a look at the Commission for Africa report and discuss the implications and impact we can have on teaching cross-curriculum subjects. Continue reading


Children’s Book Week

National Book WeekChildren’s Book Week is a celebration of reading for pleasure for children of primary school age.

Children’s Book Week 2009 will take place from 5-11 October; the theme will be Words and Pictures.

Click here for more information on how you can get involved!

Phonics – y-e-s or n-o

phonicsHad a session today on phonics as part of our English module. I have had little experience in phonics, perhaps witnessing as little as an hour in total within the schools I have visited. It was such a relief to be able to put a meaning and understanding to the terms phonemes and graphemes, di-graphs and trigraphs! It was a busy session with the opportunity to try out a few classroom games using phonics and also come up with lists for confusing words found in the english language that do not work with phonics. What a surprise!
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Professional Storytelling

This is a good example of a professional storyteller.  It is a wonderful way to engage children in the fun and understanding of stories and reading.  Would you agree?

Book list

literacyThe Book Club will be expanding soon, as today we had our second english lecture and discovered all that is good about children’s literature.  What makes a good storyteller?  What makes a good listener?  There are a lot of skills involved in these, however some of the most important aspects are being interactive, Continue reading

Magdalen Experience

The Magdalen ProjectThere is nowhere quite like The Magdalen Project, an environmental education centre situated on an organic farm in beautiful countryside on the Somerset/Dorset border, only a short distance from the dramatic Jurassic coast.

The Magdalen Project is both a resource for learning about the environment and sustainable living and a place for enjoyment, entertainment and experience for visitors of all ages, backgrounds and abilities. Continue reading

To plenary, or not to plenary…

that is the question!  What a difference a day makes!  I have been in a school today for observations and the vast difference in classes can answer and reassure you on so many questions but can also raise so many more… Continue reading